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Color Aromas Therapy

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Constance Hart is a Color Intuitive specializing in color energy healing utilizing color sound healing and color aromatherapy. She is […]

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Maui Ocean Healing

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Juliet Lee and Mikhail Dekhta are both healers from diverse backgrounds. They have joined forces to create “Maui Ocean Healing”, […]

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Sensual Alchemist

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Mahalia is a sensual alchemist, visionary and nurturing leader in the movement of self-actualization. She has practiced as a holistic […]

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Mark Reinfeld VegChef

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Vegan chef and author Mark Reinfeld offers a variety of best selling vegan cookbooks. Former owner of the “Blossoming Lotus” […]

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Kabbalah on the Beach

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This interview is with Moshe Daniel, Canadian Naturopathic Doctor and Kabbalistic Teacher. Inspired by the series of short interviews I […]

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Why Thai Girlfriends?

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Pai is a charming town in northern Thailand, and Pai River Corner one of it’s nicest accommodations. “Why do western […]

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Ravi Dass Chiang Mai

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I’m thrilled to have Ravi Dass aka Ron Zimardi, join me for the final interview from Chiang Mai, Thailand. We’re […]

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Maui Medical Thailand

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Life on Maui meets Maui Medical Group in this interview with Lance Lewis, who was MMG’s administrator for 12 years. […]

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Rambo Ho’oponopono

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Paul ‘Paulo’ Rambo is a practitioner of the Hawaiian healing modality Ho’oponopono — and incorporates other methods as well. This […]

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Thai Yoga Koh Samui

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Entrepreneur and lovely young woman, Nana teaches Thai Yoga. She’s working out of an absolutely gorgeous spa in Koh Samui, […]

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