Key Moments Video

We all have unique and special lives. Take this opportunity to have Steven Freid at Key Moments Video Memoirs create a professional in-depth video interview of you and your life as a legacy to those you love.

When you create a wonderful “movie” of your life, important memories don’t get lost with the passing of time. Your Key Moments Video Memoir includes significant photos and favorite music that really reflect who you are.

Take a look at these sample video memoirs.  They are short excerpts to give you an idea of what to expect. Note that these are on YouTube — your video will be DVD quality! We have a step by step system, from your first “pre-interview” to the final product of your life story or key moments event.

Steve‘s specialty is capturing the story behind the story of your special event. . . going behind the scenes to gather the essence, the feelings, the memories. . .  just like in the making of a movie when the cinematographer interviews the stars to get their experiences while making the movie.

We also create marketing videos to promote your business and teaching videos to promote classes and information to be sold as DVD sets.

For more information and pricing, please go to the Contact Page and leave us a note. We will respond quickly.

Share YOUR Life Story with those you love!

Our legacy is so ephemeral. Until we have lost a loved one, it is hard to realize some of the most important things to ask until it is too late. There is unparalleled value having a professional conduct the interview.

Knowing what to ask; how to sequence the questions; how to relax and respect the subject;  how to deal with the technical issues of lighting, framing, camera, and most importantly sound — is normally out of the range of most people’s skill and comfort realm.

Often our own family can be the most challenging subjects to interview as there are often family dynamics that can affect the outcome and quality of the experience. This is where a seasoned professional is essential.

Steve is a class act through and through. I have appreciated his well earned talent and his natural gift hosting and producing shows. I honestly don’t know of anyone more capable and qualified to handle such a delicate task with more respect and dignity.

– Lorayne Lipps