Personal Growth

Neil Pflum

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Author of the book “Be Success” and a facilitator of a number of techniques for re-programming the subconscious mind, such […]

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Joe Vitale

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Well known for his participation in the international success “The Secret”, as well as the author of many books including […]

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Naomi Fiske

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Practitioner of the “Hellinger Work” which is a healing technology aimed at releasing deeply held personal and family trauma. Naomi […]

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Joe Marshalla

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Author, performing artist, producer and philosopher. In this interview speaks in detail about his book “Repeatlessness” and his life experience […]

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John Demartini

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International lecturer, author of numerous books, and facilitator of personal growth seminars such as “The Breakthrough Experience”. John was one […]

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Aurora Ariel PhD

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Creator of TheQuest™ and Award Winning Author of the Earth 2012 series, she a pioneering doctor whose research and work […]

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Harold Bloomfield MD

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Prominent psychiatrist and author of a number of NY Times Bestsellers including “Making Peace with Your Parents”. He’s been a […]

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Jonia Mariechild

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Coach, consultant, and personal growth facilitator since 1986. Her specialty is Non Violent Communication (NVC), the work of Marshall Rosenberg. […]

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