Health & Wellness

Richard Fiske

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Richard Fiske is a gifted Naturopathic Doctor and Psychotherapist who has developed a new form of Homeopathic medicine which helps […]

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Grace Purusha

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Her vision is to teach, inspire, and support people in Self Healing through their own actions. Specifically, to train people […]

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Zoe Weston

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A social and cultural anthropologist and has been promoting peace through her prenatal classes and workshops. Zoe believes that taking […]

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Hari Bloomfield, MD

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A dialogue between Steve Freid and Hari Bloomfield discussing their experiences with the “Goddess Culture” prevalent on Maui. Insightful, funny, […]

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Carmen Karady

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Carmen is an internationally trained and educated Yoga instructor who has taught all over the world. She teaches classes in […]

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