Life on Maui SHORTS

Koh Samui Jet Ski

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I’m interviewing a local young man who has developed a successful boat and jet ski business in Koh Samui. Next […]

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Dance of BobRisa

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At 72 and 80 years old, Risa and Bob Whiting are dancing their way through an extraordinary life. Formerly residents […]

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Willow of Pai, Thailand

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Willow Ironhorse is my new role model for what 81 years old looks like! Formerly a resident of Maui, he […]

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Monk Chat Chiang Mai

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“Monk Chat” session at a Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Some pearls of wisdom from a simple man.  

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Joe P Natural Healer

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Joe Perrone is the guest on this special show from Chiang Mai. He speaks of a special device that helps […]

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Poom of Riverside

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While visiting Thailand, I’ll be taping some short interviews and posting them. This is live from Chiang Mai. Hope you […]

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Steve on Juicy Living

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A couple of months ago I got a call from Lilou Mace, host of the successful web show Juicy Living. […]

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Juicy Update

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I just got interviewed today by Lilou Mace as part of her Juicy Living Tour. We taped on Kaanapali Beach; […]

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